Manfreds, Copenhagen 2014

We leave very happy (but a little stressed from the walk-out..not the best of last memory; however, a busy restaurant is obviously also a proof for success, which is no surprise to us)...

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Manfreds, Copenhagen 2014

We've written before about our visit to Christian Puglisis restaurant Relae which we were very impressed with. On the same street is the "sister-restaurant" Manfreds (& Vin) which is a more "casual" restaurant than Relae with focus on "creating high-quality food for the local people". Manfreds is however also the first natural wine bar in Copenhagen (we're big lovers of natural wine, and at Manfreds they sure find a lot of natural wine gems).

The ambience of Manfreds is the perfect one for a local "get-together-spot". It's a bit cramped, but "cozy"; you could almost call it "pitoresque" as you step down a few steps from the street and into Manfreds.

At Manfreds the food consists of small plates of food (preferably to share). The diner has the option to pick from signature small plates, or go for the chef's choice which consists of 7 plates (which changes every day). The plates focuses on a lot of vegetables and in some cases meat & fish.

To go with the chef's choice it's possible to have 3 glasses of wine chosen by the sommelier. This is a great way to experience what natural wines are all about (there's also a great selection of bottles/glass to choose from individually).

Manfreds has an organic certification; meaning that all the food and drinks on the menu is organic. Something the restaurant prides itself about.

Loach and zuchini pasta
Sweet potato, pine nuts, poached egg and truffles

On top of the chef's selection menu, we also try the famous beef tartare dish. This is a Manfreds staple. The meat is salted, then chilled in a blast freezer until the meat is cold and firm but not yet frozen, and then it's passed through a grinder. This makes the meat super tender. The dish is finished with young cress and an "egg cream" of lightly poached eggs blended with bread crumbs, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper—and crumbled rye-bread toasts.

This dish is simply so good, and it's hard to imagine how this dish could be done any better. This dish alone is worth a visit to Manfreds!

Beef tartare, with young cress, "egg cream" and crumbled rye-bread toasts

Each dish is presented by a member of the kitchen team, and the servers are checking that we have enough to drink. Manfreds is a very busy place on Sundays, and we generally get the feeling that the servers are quite stressed when we talk to them.

Burnt cabbage
Pork from Hindsholm
Aubergine and olive oil

There's also a few desert-courses available; but we decide to skip on them this time (there's no desert-plate included in the chef's choice).

We enjoyed our plates on the benches outside of Manfreds-- where we could watch people going up and down Jægersborggade and soak up the sun. Manfreds sure is a great place to enjoy the moment together with good company. The food isn't revolutionary, but it's not your "normal" bites. It's evident that there's great produce being showcased. Tasting aubergine, soaked in delicious olive oil together with a glass of natural wine— we're both very happy.

Manfreds also has a "wine-cellar" where it's possible to buy the wine tasted (as a Swede, where it's only possible to buy wine from the state monopoly, this is heavenly!). We ask if we can go and a have a look, and the stressed servers happily helps us (but we can't say they have much time to give us assistance— sadly, but understandably). The wine-cellar here is amazing for natural wine lovers, and we quickly find a few gems. 

As we're about to leave, we hear one of the servers ask a group of people to leave, as it's well beyond their seating time— and there's a lot more people waiting to get in. It's also a bit hard to get the attention of the servers in order to pay and leave. This sure is a busy spot. We leave very happy (but a little stressed from the walk-out..not the best of last memory; however, a busy restaurant is obviously also a proof for success, which is no surprise to us).

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2014 copenhagen review

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